Growing your online bookings

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Last month our tips on how track your tourism business’ online bookings proved to be a hot topic. We provided you with a simple online booking comparison tracking tool to track the origin of your online bookings.

Based on the number of downloads and the feedback received to date many of you are keen to know more about tracking and increasing your online bookings by properly setting up various enquiry channels to suit visitors preferences. Amongst the thank you emails I also received many emails saying: well, we aren’t doing too well so how do we improve things ?

So this week I have prepared a few tips to help you grow the numbers of bookings you have tracked in your online booking comparison tool (link to the initial article where you can download the free tool). The table below provides links to recommended systems and tips on how to configure them. The last row will provide you with a link to a live example on a website.

Note: the online booking systems recommended are for Australian businesses but some may be available to businesses located overseas.

Growing your online bookings


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